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Zur Buchpräsentation „Königsjahr“ wurde STZ-Leiter Jürgen Raizner gebeten, über rumänisch-deutsche Beziehungen in den letzten 150 Jahren zu reden. Die Buchpräsentation wurde vom Deutschsprachigen Wirtschaftsclub Nordtransilvanien im Rahmen seines Herbstfestes in Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg) ausgerichtet. Für Jürgen Raizner der passende Anlass, zwei Persönlichkeiten des 19. Jahrhunderts hervorzuheben. Am 28.07.1866 wurde Ion Ghica zum Ministerpräsidenten Rumäniens ernannt – [...]read more »

“Being Professor – Doing Business”

Workshop at Romanian Steinbeis headquarters: 24 professors, cluster managers and representatives of ministries discussed how to combine work at university with successful entrepreneurship. The participants followed an invitation of Steinbeis Transfer Management S.R.L. Steinbeis is one of the world’s most successful providers of know-how and technology transfer. Central to all projects we work on the […]

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Mixed Governmental Commission Baden-Württemberg – Romania

Work Program 2016-2018 is agreed. Jürgen Raizner, in his function as Director of Steinbeis Danube Center, participated at the meeting in Karlsruhe. Projects of Steinbeis Danube Center but also of Steinbeis Romania are accepted to put on the bilateral work program. “The cooperation with Steinbeis Network in Baden-Wuerttemberg shall be continued, along the already-established and […]

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STM at Steinbeis Consulting Day

Competences | Networking | Action Focusing on Industry 4.0 The digital transformation of entire industry sectors is going on. Is the Romanian industry prepared? The progress in Germany towards Industry 4.0 is higly impressive. For Romanian enterprises this means, the collaboration with German enterprises will become more difficult in near future – for those who […]

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Space – Science – Steinbeis

Celebrating 35th anniversary of the first flight into space of the first Romanian cosmonaut – Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu. Jürgen Raizner congratulates Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu: meeting an impressive personality. 12 cosmonauts and astronauts come together in Bucharest. Potential future scientists participate as well as Steinbeis Romania. Generating visions for the youth. Celebrating? Yes, of course. But the message […]

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“Danube Youth – Champions of Growth”, Bucharest

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