Investment Management Exhibition 2018

Mission IME 2018: Bridging the Investment Gap between EU and China

Frankfurt, 20.03.2018: The Investment Management Exhibition (IME) initiates for third time the dialogue among investors and project owners. Regional focus is Central Europe, South Eastern Europe, Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Connecting Europe and China – perfectly in line with the One Belt One Road Initiative. High level participants discuss at IME several projecs to develop infrastructure which allow to simplify the collaboration. Jürgen Raizner was invited to present concrete opportunities of collaboration among East and West.

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Moldova. Ready for Business.

Moldova. Ready for Business.

On  20th of March 2018, in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce Austria (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich – WKO) were held business to business talks between Moldovian and Austrian entrepreneurs. 50 Moldovian companies presented their readyness to manufacture on behalf of Austrian or German firms.

An example for investors: The industrial park ‘Răut’, with focus on metal processing industry, is available for Western manufacturers. The Group offers 3 pieces of ground for different fields of activity:

  • 4,5 ha industrial land with all utilities (old buildings on the ground)
  • 1,2 ha old factory for microelectronics, industrial land with all utilities, ideal for an investor in telecomunications business
  • 8,5 ha land, 4 km from the border to Romania, for touristic business development

Another interesting companies taking part of the B2B meetings. Please find their portfolio in the catalogue of participants.

Ana Turcan, representing our Steinbeis Donau Zentrum at the event, explained participants the professional support what we provide to Eastern European companies:

    • Export to Germany and Austria. One of the most important directions of our activity and your interests is the search for your German and Austrian customers. For this purpose we have developed standard services that proved to be very effective. Besides, we will be pleased to work out special projects on the German and Austrian market development – in accordance with your needs and strengths.
    • Choosing German and Austrian suppliers. There is a wide variety of offers. We will find you an optimal supplier and help you choose the best offer of all. If you intend to import goods, equipment or services from Germany, please feel free to contact us.
    • Arrangement and support of business travels to Germany or to Austria. Visiting firms, expositions, … Tell us your range of interests, and we will take care of all the things needed for your successful trip to Germany or Austria.
    • Future success needs preparations today. Competitivenes requires innovation. Our professional consultants explain you how to become innovative. And our growing network of researchers provide the technical solutions for you. Project work is team work. One knows best the market, another one understands the processes and the third contributes with knowledge on technologies. Make use of our proven experiences in bringing the right experts together.
    • Professional training. In conformity with your individual interests we offer you advanced training courses: either in Germany or at your site. Here are some of the subjects: German market development, project management, competitive growth, innovations, the program on enterprises foundation and financing… There is a rich variety of subjects, but anyway, they are all focused on entrepreneur’s practical needs.
    • Search for investors in Germany and Austria. Do you have a business proposal or maybe even a new development project – or are you just looking for a partner to cooperate with? We will be glad to submit your proposals to potential investors in Germany for consideration.

Interested in investors from other countries than Moldova? We are linked with international institutions and are member of multinational networks. This allows to present your project to the most promising actors.

Becomming competitive. Becomming international. Becomming succesful.

Global Economic Leaders Summit 2017

Invited as VIP participants to GELS 2017, Ana Turcan and Jürgen Raizner created a strong connection with China. Central and Eastern Europa is a region with great potential for doing business with China. From August 30th to September 1st the GELS 2017 was an excellent platform for promoting investment and innovation – perfectly in line with the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Global Economic Leaders Summit took place for the 5th time in Changchun, Jilin Province in North-East China.


Export Day Austria 2017

Vienna: SDC Director Ana Turcan at Export Day. A unique opportunity is provided by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce every year, to meet and exchange valuable information between Export-oriented companies in all industries. Approximately 2,800 visitors, more than 30 exporting service companies, more than 70 experts from all over the world were at common disposal for consultation. The discussed topics brought an insight about the goals of Austrian companies for the next years.

The participants could inspire themselves from the organised sessions on:

  • The Future of New Materials – The fabric from which innovations are knitted;
  • Economy 4.0 – Digitization of trade and industry
  • The Future of Money – Innovation through Start-Ups
  • Back to Basics – Innovative Simplification
  • Artificial Intelligence – How artificial intelligence changes our lives
  • The Future of Cyber and Data Security – data security affects all of us

Steinbeis Danube Center together with STC EAST-WEST Joint Ventures are implementing a series of projects in the fields mentioned above. Some of them are in fields of protecting enterprises against cyber attacts (Cyber Security). Others in field of start-ups development (e.g. Digitization of Public Transport; Trading Waste and Secondary Raw Materials).

The organiser of the Export Day 2017 makes available the presentations of the speakers and a video/photo gallery.

Investment Management Exhibition IME 2017

Investment Management Exhibition IME 2017

06.04.2017: The Investment Management Exhibition in Frankfurt/Germany is an unique conference and exhibition at the same time, aiming to attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), with a focus on PPP- Public Private Partnership and Economic free zones/industry parks.

Both, Ms. Ana Turcan and Mr. Jürgen Raizner presented business opportunities in the Central and Eastern Europe. Highly promissin discussions took place with representatives from Kazhakstan, China, Moldova,…

The IME 2017 was a great opportunity for discussing Public Private Partnerships Projects, tfor marketing international projects and doing networking with global decision-makers from both the public and private sectors.

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13. Vienna Economic Forum – Vienna Future Dialogue 2016

13. Vienna Economic Forum – Vienna Future Dialogue 2016

For the 13th time, on November 21st, the November-Edition of Vienna Economic Forum – THE european economic platform based in Vienna, brought together with great interest, high-ranking representatives and visionairies of the economy, politics and diplomacy of the region, of Europe and other continents at the Novomatic Forum.