26.06.2019, Bucharest: Youth – Entrepreneurship – Science. YES! EUSDR. Steinbeis Romania organised this official side event to Annual Forum of EU Strategy for Danube Region.

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CoDCR and Steinbeis

Extended Executive Committee of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions (CoDCR) meets in Sofia. There was a noticeable low participation of mayors. However, there is a clear commitment to strengthening capacities to develop projects by using existing facilities, e.g. the status of CoDCR as legal entity.

CoDCR’s general secretariat in Bucharest supports new Romanian presidency in EUSDR.

Jürgen Raizner attends the CoDCR meeting as alternate general secretary.

Special Guest: Rudolf Schicker presents new Danube Strategy Point with offices in Vienna and Bucharest. Congratulation to him for becomming DSP Coordinator.

CoDCR meeting Ulm

CoDCR meeting Ulm

The Extended Executive Committee of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions (CoDCR) meets in Ulm. Jürgen Raizner, also director of the Steinbeis Enterprise in Romania, welcomes the mayors of 4 Romanian Danube cities. Representatives from 10 countries of Danube Region meet for 2 days in Ulm. Under the working title “SMART, SUSTAINABLE AND SOCIAL DANUBE CITIES“ members and partners of CoDCR present their ongoing Danube projects. The executive committee envisages to establishing a new institutional structure of the CoDCR until next meeting in October 2017. Dr. Batazs Seneczey, vice-mayor of Budapest, invites the members to that meeting. To him as representative of Istvan Tarlosof, lord mayor of Budapest, is handed over the presidency of CoDCR by Ulm’s lord mayor Gunter Czisch.

Download: Agenda of the CoDCR meeting in Ulm.

the 10th European Conference of the Danube Cities and Regions will be held on Tuesday, 17th  October and Wednesday, 18th  October 2017, in Budapest.

Romanian Mayors in Ulm: Mayors of cities Braila, Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Galati and Giurgiu with Jürgen Raizner, Council of Danube Cities and Regions