Smart Cities

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Triggering Smart Cities:

Steinbeis supports enterprises in becomming innovative.


Key driver for smart citiy development is innovation. Steinbeis Network Romania is established in order to stimulate innovation processes in Romanian industry by facilitating access to latest technologies. It is the business sector what has to present solutions to make cities smart. Steinbeis Network Romania helps enterprises to develop such solutions – and helps public administration bodies to implement those.

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From smart city key areas, the following ones are prioritary for STM: smart energy; smart building; smart mobility; smart infrastructure; smart technology. Common to all areas is a continues learning process which leads to a special environment for smart businesses. One component is an ubiquitous computing environment, what connects everyone and everything – by using any device at any location and in any format. Such connectivity stimulates creation of innovative networks, e.g. Learning Energy Efficiency Networks. With help of Steinbeis, members learn to identify most efficient measures to reduce energy consumption. Same methodology can be applied in all key areas.

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Services for Smart Cities

  • evaluating regional/municipal competitveness and recommending most effective actions with long-term impact on smart specializaition;
  • designing and implementing strategic projects that create fertile environment for investments and actions that are essential for fulfilling stakeholders/investors interests;
  • better connection and alignment of local businesses and education providers to international market trends.

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Document on Smart Cities in Romania

2020 edition of “Radiografia Smart City in Romania” shows examples, strategies and projects. Pandemic is forcing cities to become smarter. Document, issued by Vegacomp, is fully up to date in regard of current crisis. Find solutions, proposals and information on main actors: Download (Romanian language)

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