Azerbaijan State Agricultural University

Partner for Tech Startup Development in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan State Agricultural University aims to develop systematized knowledge, skills and habits, competitive agricultural specialists with modern thinking.

“Our future lies on sustainable agriculture.

We identified a strong demand for products and services based on innovative technologies in the agricultural sector in this region.”

Azerbaijan State Agricultural University

The University sees itself as being well placed to assist young and well educated graduates, especially in the sciences and in ICT, to develop new and innovative products and services and to commercialise these on regional, national and international markets.

Azerbaijan State Agrarian University is the only educational institution for the agricultural sector in the region. This Agri-based educational institution can act as a major driver in promoting and assisting innovative Startups in the Agri-sector.

Most relevant faculties:

  • Agronomy
  • Soil sciences and agrochemistry
  • Agrotechnology
  • Engineering
  • Agrobusiness and management

Address: 450, Ataturk Avenue
Azerbaijan – 2000 Ganja

The University displays its commitment to these objectives through providing financial and other supports to its Tech Startup Centre. The Tech Start-Up Centre is located on campus and operates with the full support of the University’s Board of Management. This bestows many benefits on the Centre including access to up-to-date science-based knowledge and information.

Azerbaijan State Agricultural University hosts several scientific research centers, e.g. the Biotechnology Center, the High Technology Irrigation Systems Center, and training centers from New Holland and John Deere. The university itself is entrepreneurially engaged and successful in several business areas. In the greenhouse complex of Azerbaijan State Agricultural University environmentally friendly products are grown. The engineering department designs machines and equipment for the agricultural sector. Foreign manufacturers of agricultural technology are also using these developments in marketable products.

Succesful implementation of capacity building projects strengthen the national and international competitiveness of the Azerbaijan State Agricultural University. Significant experience exists with international funding programmes, such as USAID, COST, Erasmus+, … The University has extensive cooperation with universities and research centers of Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, and other countries.

Examples of Scientific Research Centers

Biotechnology Center

The first biotechnology center in Azerbaijan’s Western region was established at the Azerbaijan State Agricultural University. The center was built in accordance with world standards and was equipped with the latest devices and equipment. The center was intended for 2 areas – research and commercial work.

Poultry Training and Exercise Center

New Holland Agriculture Training Center