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“Being Professor – Doing Business”

“Being Professor – Doing Business”

Workshop at Romanian Steinbeis headquarters: 24 professors, cluster managers and representatives of ministries discussed how to combine work at university with successful entrepreneurship. The participants followed an invitation of Steinbeis Transfer Management S.R.L.

Steinbeis is one of the world’s most successful providers of know-how and technology transfer. Central to all projects we work on the success of our clients, co-workers and partners.

750 professors of German universities apply a proven model in transfering knowledge and technologies to the business sector. Becomming member of Steinbeis Network is profitable for the professors but also a win-win situation for the involved university and enterprise.

Jürgen Raizner, director of a Steinbeis Transfer Center since 1994, presented the business model of Steinbeis. An intensive discussion on detailes of how to benefit from this best practice followed.

A lot of Romanian professors and researchers act as entrepreneurs and sell services and technologies – additionally to their work at the university. Doing such business shows, that there is a demand. But why should every professor develop and establish his own business model, register a company, take care about administrating the legal entity instead of doing what a research likes to do best – to do research. Jürgen Raizner explained in detail how professors can enjoy the support and security offered by a centralized Steinbeis Framework. And this framework is available in Romania now.

Beside internal benefits regarding efficiency of doing business, participants understood that Steinbeis offers added values and synergies, such as

  • being linked with experts and competences of more than 1,000 Steinbeis Transfer Centers
  • better access to German enterprises as potential customers
  • significantly better reputation when acting in name of Steinbeis
  • availability of promotion tools and support in marketing

Several participants expressed their interest in joining the Steinbeis Network. Minimum three STC might be opened in nearest future. Jürgen Raizner works in Romania every month for at least some days. Individual meetings will follow soon. Now we thank the participants for the good and fruitful discussions.

The expansion of the Steinbeis Network in Romania is in line with the new work program that is agreed by the Mixed Governmental Commission Baden-Württemberg – Romania. Jürgen Raizner participated in the meeting (July 14th/15th).

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Triple-Helix-Conference on Bio-based Economy

Triple-Helix-Conference on Bio-based Economy

The conference, brokerage event and 4th clustering workshop was one of the major events of Danube-INCO.NET. Its main objective was to support the university-business-government cooperation (triple-helix model) to enhance the establishment and development of bio-based economy partnerships in the target countries, tackling societal challenges in the field of food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, water research, bio-based economy and bio-energy.

The event was organised by Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development (RCISD, Hungary), in cooperation with the Central European Initiative (CEI, Italy) and the Steinbeis-Donau-Zentrum (Germany).

The conference gathered about 130 representatives of the academia, industry and government sectors. Participants represented more than 90 organisations from 16 countries.

More information and the links to download the presentations of the event you can get here.

“The Danube Region potential towards the development of bio-based economy partnerships” was discussed in three paralell sessions at Triple-Helix-Conference. Jürgen Raizner modereated the session on Energy while Lucian Cuibus, STC Cluj-Napoca, moderated the session “Food & Feed – The challenges of sustainable agriculture”.

“How to get funding” was the key topic that Jürgen Raizner presented at Clustering Workshop. Additionally he moderated the Elevator Pitch with presentations of 18 selected researchers and technology oriented entrepreneurs from all Danube Region.


Presentation “How to get funding”

Contacts, information and latest news on bio-based economy are available for Steinbeis Romania. With pleasure we discuss with you projects, networks and any initiative towards bio-based economy. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mixed Governmental Commission Baden-Württemberg – Romania

Mixed Governmental Commission Baden-Württemberg – Romania

Work Program 2016-2018 is agreed.

Jürgen Raizner, in his function as Director of Steinbeis Danube Center, participated at the meeting in Karlsruhe. Projects of Steinbeis Danube Center but also of Steinbeis Romania are accepted to put on the bilateral work program.

“The cooperation with Steinbeis Network in Baden-Wuerttemberg shall be continued, along the already-established and the new lines of action.”

(Protocol signed by Minister Costin Borc and Secretary of State Theresa Schopper)

Pic1_signing    Pic1_signed

Our projects in the work programme, developed together with strong partners in Romania:

  • Developing excellence centres for competitive meassures in city and regional development in Romania
  • Dynamic mapping of the entrepreneurial, industrial and innovative economic system in Romania
  • Developing tools to promote inovative entrepreneurship
  • Setting up and expanding Romanian training centres for technology transfer and innovation
  • Expanding Network of Steinbeis Transfer Centres in Romania

Our Steinbeis Center is invited for collaboration in additional 4 top level projects which were presented by the Romanian Delegation. A follow up will take place end of July in Bucharest.